How it works?

Plus Workflow is a modern and complex BPM solution allowing business process and document management. Plus Workflow supports electronic document workflow, document scanning and OCR, designing new business processes and, moreover, e-documents and content archiving. The main purpose of the system is cost reduction, optimization, enhancement the speed and quality of business processes.

Key features

Read the following benefits for your business by the implementation of the Plus Workflow System:

Advanced process design studio – graphic process’ modeler with no programming skills needed

Built-in organizational structure with business roles

Access from any internet browser

The possibility of quick search of electronic workflow or tasks

Versioning of processes and documents

Full system and its functions security, including encrypting files

Integration with a number of ERP and accountant systems

Modern, good looking, comprehensive and intuitive user interface

The possibility to reflect every business process

Integrated electronic archive – immediate access to documents and other content

Mobile phone access

User’s profiles adjusted to each needs

Workflow of both scanned (original) and electronic files

Unlimited number of users

Programming SDK interface

Analytical interface


Plus Workflow system is already used for:

  • Requistion process
  • Linking invoices with orders
  • Integration with Exact providers database
  • Acceptance matrix
  • Polish and English system version
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OT Logistics
  • Document registration and acceptation
  • Purchase cost control
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  • Customs documents archiving
  • Management of incoming via email documentation
  • Purchase invoice flow
  • Integration with Egeria and intranet
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  • Electronic invoices flow
  • Invoice acceptance process
  • Building electronic archive
  • Payment authorization
  • Requisition process
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Farm Frites Poland
  • Cost invoice management
  • Electronic invoice workflow
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Wavin Metalplast
  • Electronic invoice management
  • Electronic archive
  • Purchase invoice acceptance
  • Registering and acceptance of commercial offers together with consulting with production departments
  • Preparing and acceptance of contracts
  • Integration with IFS
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Piotr I Paweł
  • Cost invoices management
  • Electronic invoice workflow
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  • Centralized scanning office in Warsaw
  • Remote process management
  • Commercial invoice registry
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Fresenius Medical Care
  • Registration and acceptance of cost and warehouse invoices
  • Electronic archive
  • Acceptance and calculating the cost of business trips
  • Archivisation of employees’ documents
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  • Requistion process
  • Cost and warehouse invoices process
  • Recruitment and dismissing employees
  • Changing conditions of employment
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  • Electronic archive
  • Requisition application
  • Requisition acceptance
  • Linking purchase invoices with orders
  • Complaints process
  • Integration with Dynamics GP
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  • SaaS model
  • Invoice registration
  • Invoice description
  • Invoice acceptance
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Millano 2
  • Box design acceptance
  • Box design creation
  • Client consultation
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King Oscar
  • Warehouse and cost invoices management
  • Warehouse document management
  • Consultation and acceptance of packages
  • Electronic archive
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Magna Automotive Poland
  • Manufacturing processes
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  • Giving a bonus to an employee
  • Integration with HR module TETA 2000
  • Offers’ acceptance
  • Electronic invoice workflow
  • Electronic archive
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  • Invoice flow
  • Invoice acceptance
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Gerresheimer Bolesławiec
  • Settlement of expenses, delegation
  • Acceptance and calculating the cost of business trips
  • Invoices process
  • Matching invoices with orders
  • Downloading data about contractors and accounted documents from invoices
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  • Electronic invoice workflow
  • Managing registry process
  • Full integration with Symfonia ERP
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  • Requisition process
  • Budget management
  • Contracts management
  • Electronic invoice workflow
  • Process of acceptance and giving opinions about changes in constructions
  • Electronic archive
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PKP Cargo
  • Electronic archive
  • Integration with SAP
  • Historic files migration
  • OCR scanning
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  • Invoice flow
  • Purchase requisition
  • Archive boxes process
  • SAP integration
  • Document registration
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  • HR documentation process
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  • Buildment errands
  • Service and goods receipt
  • Cost invoices flow
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  • Invoice payment management
  • Electronic archive
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  • Cost invoice management
  • Project invoice management
  • Calculating employees’ expenses, e.g. for business trips or advances
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  • Contracts preparation and verification process
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Ensto Pol
  • Cost invoice rotation
  • Electronic invoice management
  • Applications for advance payment
  • Calculating the cost of business trips
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Skat Transport
  • Purchase invoice management
  • Shipping invoices management
  • Forwarding invoices management
  • Electronic invoice workflow
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  • Purchase and warehouse invoice management
  • Incoming and outgoing correspondence management
  • Integration with ERP XL
  • Employees’ documents archiving
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Sollner Logistic
  • Registry of arrival and departure time
  • Loading and unloading registration
  • Storing information about cars and type of transported products
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Workflow integrations

Our solutions, due to partnership with leading IT companies, are integrated with the most popular IT systems.


SAP Business One

IFS Application



Microsoft Dynamics






J.D. Edwards

Get your Workflow on mobile

Plus Workflow, in order to be even more effective, is available for mobile devices. We know how important it is to have a quick access to data regardless your localization. This is why we offer Plus Mobile.

You can browse your tasks, perform tasks from your PlusMobile taskbox (accept or decline), display attached documents and send information about new task to your mobile phone.

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